hermes bags replica Jean Paul Gaultier and Hermes “break up”

hermes bags replica Jean Paul Gaultier and Hermes “break up”.

In recent years, the hermes bags replica of the major brands have been constantly changing.

and the top designers have bid farewell to the top brands, which will undoubtedly leave a strong impression on the history of fashion. And this “last show” staged not only the unparalleled charm of the end. But also enriched the countless predecessors between the designer and the brand. It is both a glorious commemoration and a gorgeous farewell. The rumors and announcements about the successor.

And the expectation of the future of the departing and the brand are also worried. And this final performance has attracted much attention. VOUGE Fashion Network is the last show for you to choose the classic for the brand change, let us relive this moment worth remembering.

Hermès Spring/Summer 2011 Haute Cloak Show – Jean Paul Gaultier and Hermes “breakup”.

 hermes bags replica
hermes bags replica

After the hermes bags replica  announcement of Jean Paul Gaultier’s departure from Hermès, he described the reason for his resignation: “Leaving Hermès is actually like a relationship of love, some long and short, and I have been with Hermès for seven years!

Jean Paul Gaultier kicks off Hermès’ spring/summer 2011 ready-to-wear show.


In late 2003, Jean Paul Gaultier took over Martin Margiela as the creative director of Hermès. In fact, as early as 1999, the Hermès Group became the largest shareholder of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand designer, and Gaultier was also an important consultant for Hermès President Jean-Louis Dumas. When Margiela ended his cooperation with Hermès, Dumas immediately asked him about his suggestion for the next candidate. Gaultier immediately recommended himself, and almost simultaneously Dumas also identified Gaultier.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s hermes bags replica collection in the fall/winter 2004 and spring/summer 2005 seasons has almost become the most important news topic in the Paris fashion world. He brings a new look to Hermès, but still maintains the foundation of Paris fashion. Compared to Margiela’s minimalist and low-key, Gaultier is eager to present the French style represented by