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Hermes birkin replica—Popular science! Which is the best value for Hermes Birkin and Kelly? What does the distribution mean hermes birkin replica?

hermes birkin replica, Let me explain here first, I am not a big player of Hermes.

I just want to share with you some personal insights.

I hope to help the girls who want to buy these two bags. Because of the limited knowledge, I hope that when the children sayhermes birkin replica, the sisters can understand, what?

They and their stories.

Look at the title to know that the origin of these two packages is related to women hermes birkin replica. One is Jane Birkin and the other is Grace Kelly.

hermes birkin replica.

hermes birkin replica.
hermes birkin replica.


In 1981, Jane Birkin met a man on Air France’s flight. The stuff in her bag scatter all over the place.

So the man next to her said to her: “You should carry a bag with a pocket.” Jane Birkin replied to him.

Says: “When the Hermès brand produces a bag with a pocket, I will buy it.”.

The man replied, “I am Hermes, I will make a bag with a pocket for you.”.

This man is Jean-Louis Dumas, CEO of the Hermes brand. Based on this coincidence, the Birkin bag came into being.


In 1892, the Hermès Kelly bag prototype Hight Bag was launched. In 1930, the size was modified to facilitate the carrying of the ladies.

It was already a limited edition of Hermes. Hermes Kelly became famous in Life magazine in 1956.

When the magazine published the picture of Grace Kelly, who was pregnant with Hermes Kelly, and the “Hight Bag” changed to Hermes Kelly.

I know for you? The online search is still about talking about hermes birkin replica.

The three babies on the map are all hard-working from the counters in the past few years.

On the upper left is the Gold (Golden Brown) Birkin30 Togo skin, on the upper right is the Etoupe (Elephant Grey) Birkin 30 TC skin (which is the clemence skin).

And below is the black gold Kelly28 Togo skin. That’s right, these three add up to the so-called three major diamond colors.

About color.

For the three pictures on the map are called the hermes birkin replica three diamonds?

My understanding is that there are too many people who want to buy these three colors.

And the wolves are less meaty, which makes the three-color B/K super hard to buy. The distribution requirements are higher than other colors, the purchasing price is expensive, and the second-hand market has a low depreciation rate.

But in fact, if you look at the essence of the phenomenon, these three colors are really beautiful and versatile.

About size

Birkin’s common size is 25, 30, 35, 40. Kelly is commonly found in 25, 28, 32, and 35 (in centimeters). Of course there are other sizes, such as mini kelly. not to mention here.

In the past few years, the small bag has been in the way, so the B/K of 25 started to sell better than before. But in fact, I want to tell you that since you spend so much money, you can’t just catch up with the trend. It is still necessary to choose according to the personal circumstances of your height, the look of your back, and the occasion you need to use. If you don’t have the chance to try your back and choose blindly, I would recommend Asian girls to choose Birkin30 and Kelly28. The error rate will be very low.



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