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In recent years, everyone should see a lot of co-branded clothing collections in the mall. These series have an X symbol, such as JW Anderson X Uniqlo, and hermes replica bags  supreme, a century-old initiative for friends. It’s no wonder that so many people line up to buy luxury brands at a low price. H&M has been launching the co-branded series for 14 years. The first collaboration was with the collaboration of Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld. After the launch of the exclusive co-branded collection, it was sold out in an hour. Louis Vuitton’s joint-named supreme products have also triggered young people to queue up for the night. Why are co-branded products more sought after than branded products?

First of all, the main target of joint cooperation is the millennial generation, referring to people born between 1984 and 2000. Most millennials can’t achieve economic independence, and hermes replica bags  are not expected.

Last year, UNIQLO and hermes replica bags  creative director Christophe Lemaire’s collaboration series won the hearts of consumers with this gimmick. The social media promoted the word “Hermes’ former creative director” in the promotion, let everyone think of themselves : I bought Hermès with the money from Uniqlo. In fact, most consumers have no idea about the designer Christophe Lemaire. If you remove the identity of the designer, this product may not be of interest.

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In addition to the cooperation between fashion brands and big-name designers, some brands rely on celebrity effects to attract consumers. Insue Queen Selena Gomez collaborated with hermes replica bags  and achieved success in sales with her popularity on social media.

Selena Gomez’s hand in cooperation with hermes replica bags  has her signature embossed.

The artists are also one of the co-branded partners. Louis Vuitton has announced a new collection of masters from the cross-border collaboration with the famous New York-based artist JeefKoons. Louis Vuitton printed the Mona Lisa in Leonardo da Vinci, the God of War and the god of love in Titian’s paintings, and the tigers of Rubens on the bags. These artistic bags are naturally better than the same ones. Expensive, of course, consumers selling and not selling orders is another matter.

Compared to the relatively expensive art co-branded products, the combination of Uniqlo and KAWS is the most cost-effective cooperation. Uniqlo invites KAWS to design the entire series of T-shirts, with the XX eye Snoopy logo on the T-shirt, attracting many consumers. And each piece only sells for 99 yuan, regardless of design and price are popular, sales naturally increase.

Even Edison Chen is wearing a  replica handbags   on social media.

But are these joint cooperation really just to increase sales? Over the years, mass-market retailers and designer brands such as H&M and Target have produced a limited-edition and good-looking capsule series that doesn’t make much sense for sales. The most important thing is to create media attention and encourage consumers to care for the store. . After all, the production of the series itself is not large.

In 2014, hermes replica bags  Wang’s cooperation was only 266 million exposures on social networks, and H&M’s cooperation with Alexander Wang finally reached a win-win situation. Now, joint collaboration can make young designers more familiar with the public and tap potential customers. Smart designers will also use joint collaboration as an opportunity to test the market.

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