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replica handbags Chanel Boy bags
replica handbags Chanel Boy bags


CNN said on the 10th that Warren’s remarks marked a replica handbags Chanel Boy bags change in her tone.

Because Warren has been reluctant to confront Trump since the announcement of the New Year’s Eve.

At the rally, Warren said: “By 2020, replica handbags Chanel Boy bags may no longer be the president.

In fact, he may even be in prison.” She mentioned the investigation conducted by Special Adviser Robert Mille.

And said “Now the days are all investigations of Trump, let us wait and see.”

In addition, Warren also criticized Trump “racist” and believed that the United States is in a “critical moment.”

“Every day Trump sends a replica handbags Chanel Boy bags, an annoying tweet. Which is both dark and ugly,” Warren said when talking about Trump.

“As a candidate, as an activist, What should we do as a media? Should we let him use these (tweets) to split us?”

Warren believes that Trump’s “problem” means the collapse of the entire replica handbags Chanel Boy bags.

She said, “What we want to talk about is what needs to be done to change this broken country. This is not only the way I win elections. It is what I need to do.”

China Taiwan Network February 11th According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that the Kuomintang held a New Year’s party today (11th).

Including Kuomintang Chairman Wu Dunyi, former Taiwan regional leader Ma Yingjiu, former New Taipei City Mayor Zhu Lilun.

And former Kuomintang chairman replica handbags Chanel Boy bags. At the front desk, the “Legislative Yuan” Wang Jinping attended the meeting together and went to the party comrades to celebrate the New Year.

Wu Dunyi said in his speech that in the face of the 2020 “election”, the whole party should be united and work together to win back to power.

He criticized the DPP during the ruling period, such as the strike of Chinese aviation pilots, the murder of the corpse, and the stagnation of cross-strait relations.

He pointed out that the most important responsibility of the Kuomintang is to rebuild the inefficient and efficient Taiwan authorities and fight for the economy. Make big money. (China Taiwan Network Liu Hongyang)



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